Luca Alverdi was born in Milan - Italy, in 1965.
In 1987, he started working as an assistant editor in the same city. Over the years, he's edited many TV commercials for the European, African and Middle Eastern markets, as well as documentaries, short films for Cinema and Television, music videos, video-art, video-poetry, video-dance, etc... In the field of advertising, his collaboration with directors as Marco Schillaci and Diamantino Ferreira was particularly rewarding.
 Alongside director Marina Spada, he had the pleasure of working with the artist of world renown Arnaldo Pomodoro, and with the great italian photographer Gabriele Basilico. In 1996, Luca founded the company Diva Film Editors, which was active in Milan for a decade. Between 2003 and 2005, he was also Tutor of Film Editing at Milano Scuola di Cinema e Televisione (
At the end of 2006, Brazilian director Marcos Jorge invited Luca to edit the successful movie "ESTÔMAGO: A GASTRONOMIC STORY", which inaugurated his international career as a feature film editor. In 2009, he has been nominated for Best Editing at Cinema Brazil Grand Prize, for the movie "ESTÔMAGO". In the same year, he emerged winner of Best Editing Prize at at the fifth Ibero Brazil Cine Festival, for the movie "THE ART OF STEALING", directed by Leonel Vieira. At the beginning of 2013, Luca obtained a Master's degree in Cinema and Television at Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon - Portugal. Since september 2013, he's Visiting Research Professor in Cinematic Arts at Presbyterian University Mackenzie of São Paulo - Brazil.

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Milano, viale Melchiorre Gioia.
Courtesy of Gabriele Basilico - all rights reserved.

Gabriele Basilico Milan, June 1998.
Extract from: “La ciudad interrumpida - The Interrupted City”. Published by ACTAR, Barcelona 1999.